The Lookout - the perfect spot for your north devon break

One of the best things about The Lookout is the location…the waves of Croyde beach are walkable and there are two other great breaks within a five minute drive.

Croyde is the closest beach and the most famous break. You can just grab your board out of the board rack in the surf room and be in the line-up after a lovely 10 minute walk. At low tide Croyde produces what are arguably the best a-frame barrels in the country. It can also hold a decent size swell and generally the waves here are a touch bigger than the other beaches. Beginners should probably avoid Croyde at low tide or if a decent swell is running, the rips can be strong and the waves break hard. At high tide Croyde looses its hollowness and becomes a more mellow wave, better for beginners and longboarders. There are often several peaks along the beach so you can select a wave that suits your style. Easterly winds are offshore.

Saunton is a great longboarder’s wave; it is a more gently breaking wave than Croyde and when it is working well you can get some fantastic long peeling rides. In my experience it peels best at mid-tide. It is a very good spot for beginners. Experienced surfers can use the rip next to the rocks to paddle out. An easterly wind is offshore and it is well protected from northerlies, especially at high tide. There is a car park behind the sand dunes at the back of the beach which costs between £3 and £5…or free if you get there early enough!

If the wind turns south however, head over to Putsborough. “P-Land” is tucked behind the protection of Baggy point and is sheltered from the southerlies however it picks up less swell than Croyde. It is a great asset because it is often surfable when all the other local breaks are blownout. It is best on a fuller tide but is rideable at all stages of the tide. Putsborough is also a good spot for beginners. There is a car park at the back of the beach, prices are similar to Saunton.

A longer-drive away is Woolacombe and Coombesgate (also known as Barricane). Both are quite versatile waves but Coombesgate only really works at lower tides.

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